[sf-lug] Language tutorial lists

Mark K. Zanfardino mark at zanfardinoconsulting.com
Mon Feb 4 09:53:21 PST 2008

While reading sflug recently I cam across a question posted by t0md 
asking if anyone was sufficiently skilled with python to assist with 
some questions.  Jim Stockford was kind enough to put a few links 
including one to a python tutorial list.  I've subscribed to the list 
and have found it very informative.

My question is: does anyone have links to other fine tutorial lists for 
any of the following language: php, perl, java and c?  I've been 
muddling along with each of these and feel it might help me to start 
reading more information on each of these languages to help flesh out my 
understanding/skills.  I think there may be others who might benefit as 

Thanks in advance!



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