[sf-lug] $199 Linspire Desktop at Sears

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jan 30 21:55:28 PST 2008

(Hey, it's Charles Wyble!  He heads one of the LA Linux groups, and is
an well-known system engineer in the southland.  Hi, Charles!)

Quoting charles at thewybles.com (charles at thewybles.com):

> Check out freespire.

Yeah, sure, there _is_ Freespire (in two editions, one with some
proprietary stuff, mostly A/V codecs, and the other allegedly all open
source).  The major attraction seems to be either inclusion or easy
post-installation fetching of MP3 support, DVD support, Windows Media 9
codec, some QuickTime, Sun Java, Macromedia Flash, RealPlayer 10, ATI
drivers, Nvidia drivers, sundry winmodem and WiFi drivers, Bitstream
fonts, etc.

Last I heard, Freespire actually includes a really nasty
proprietary-software EULA that, among other things, makes clear that you
are specifically banned from even redistributing the CD contents!  Maybe
even the allegedly all open source edition -- not sure.

Otherwise, Freespire is to Linspire approximately what Fedora is to RHEL.

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