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Kristian Erik Hermansen kristian.hermansen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 19:17:12 PST 2008

On Jan 29, 2008 6:48 PM, Alex Kleider <a_kleider at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Who are the "We" in "We are all unsure...?"
> ...and of what is it that you are unsure?

"We" is me and others on a few mailing lists.  We are unsure of who
the subject is in the story and if he and his girlfriend (and everyone
involved -- the chunky secretary, the computer store guy, the coke
snortin marketing guy) actually exist(ed)...

> I sent a query to my nephew who lives in Vancouver asking him if he's
> heard of Alex Morton. I found the piece entertaining and certainly
> creative but ....  He's no Shakespear!
> I'll let you know if/what my nephew (also Alex Kleider) reports.
> My guess is he may never have been to California, and if he has, it was
> as a tourist. ..although to his credit he's got some of the local
> geography pegged.

Yes, creative.  Revolutionary?  No!  I am not a fan of Shakespeare
though -- so call me ignorant.  I hated being force fed all of his
works in school, so perhaps that is why.  It is better when you
stumble on a work of literature and you feel as if it is your own.

I've been to Vancouver BC, skiing and such in the area --
Whistler/Blackcomb is there.  But who is the character in the story?
I thought it was himself.  Perhaps I am just naive.  I thought it was
a real guy.  With the evidence that he seems to have been the inventor
of a mouse, it actually might be true.  I don't see much about the guy
(or the characters) on the net though...
Kristian Erik Hermansen
"Know something about everything and everything about something."

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