[sf-lug] economic and technical issues remain with Microsoft Office "Open" XML

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 14:44:33 PST 2008


Free Standards advocate Russell Ossendryver has submitted a story to
Linux.com <http://linux.com/> about the remaining issues with MOOX in
advance of the Feb vote.  We are now less than one month away from the start
of the Feb 25 vote.  This story is really important for Free Software
because if Microsoft's so-called "Office Open XML" is granted ISO status,
that will allow Microsoft to churn up the lobbying machine to pressure
governments all over the world to choose MOOXML, rather than the currently
existing OpenDocument Format as a standard.  ODF, the current standard, is
actually used by all kinds of Free Software applications, such as AbiWord,
Koffice, and OpenOffice.org

Please push this story to the front page!


The original Linux.com <http://linux.com/> article is here:


Thanks either way for considering a digg
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