[sf-lug] Recieved my XO today!!

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Thu Jan 3 19:53:05 PST 2008

Kristian Erik Hermansen wrote:
> On 3 Jan 2008 20:22:13 -0500, Blake Haggerty
> <Blake.Haggerty at sapphire.com> wrote:
>> Just an announcement that my XO just showed up at my office... I can't
>> believe how small it is....
> Still don't have mine and I ordered within a couple hours of them
> going on sale.  I have heard offline from multiple people about OLPC
> organizational issues.  After getting an email the other day saying
> that my laptop would not arrive until January 15th, I became very
> suspicious that something was not right.   I mean, I was one of the
> first people to order, and people are getting their laptops before
> me?!?!  I put in the reference number from the email on their web
> status checker just to make sure, as they had not replied to emails I
> sent earlier.  So, after three hours on hold -- yes luckily I utilize
> Gizmo VoIP -- I got through.  I gave them the reference number, and
> apparently, it was in a separate database, and not the "main
> database".  Interesting.
> So, after giving a lot of details to find me in this "other database",
> they tracked down my order.  And guess what!!??  Not only was it never
> going to be shipped, but apparently they had numerous issues with
> addresses being input into their "original database" incorrectly.  So,
> they would have never shipped it to me unless I called to fix this
> problem.  They did not call me or respond to my emails either, and I
> was proactive.  Think about all the other people who are less
> proactive than myself!
> Finally, I was able to get them to fix everything, but now they are
> not certain that I will receive the laptops by January 15th.  I
> offered to have someone physically drive into Boston to pick them up
> (hey, it's my hometown!), but they said this was not an option.  /me
> grumbles...

Oh, and BTW my understanding is that for all such orders that didn't go
through, they will follow up each case this month by phone or e-mail
(assuming they got those pieces of information right). After all, each
case is a potential loss if not followed through.


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