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On 3 Jan 2008 20:34:21 -0500, Blake Haggerty <Blake.Haggerty at sapphire.com>

> I don't have any children (just young at heart) but my girlfriend plans to
> bring the laptop to her classroom (4th Grade) to see how her students react
> to it... Maybe you could film that,  I will discuss it with her
> this evening.

Where does she teach?  Please feel free to email me privately off list if
you feel that is necessary.  I am very familiar with working with schools,
of course, and you could tell your gf that I have been fingerprinted already
as part of my work with the other public middle school for which I volunteer
here in SF.  Is this an SF school?

The other thing about filming children is that you always need permission
slips from the parents before capturing the footage, and possibly before
even bringing a camera into the classroom, depending on your relationship
with the principal.  Speaking with the principal is always key, and keeping
him or her happy is crucial.
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