[sf-lug] New to this list; Gmane.org, anyone?

Deeþan Chakravarthy codeshepherd at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 02:20:44 PST 2007

Daniel Gimpelevich wrote:
> 'lo. I just finally subscribed to this list, albeit with the "nomail" 
> option. I'm hoping to get the list archive mirrored on gmane.org, with 
> the added benefits that brings, including a web form for posting to 
> the list, an NNTP gateway for participating in it, and four different 
> RSS feeds of the list. Currently, replying to old messages not in 
> one's inbox requires manually setting the In-Reply-To headers. Note 
> that the current system hosting the list, linuxmafia.com, is capable 
> of providing the NNTP gateway itself, but in a slightly more limited 
> role. I asked Jim, and he thinks that mirroring on gmane.org is a 
> great idea, but that his opinion is his alone, and not necessarily 
> that of others on the list. So, how about having some of you fellow 
> list participants discuss the matter? If people like the idea, there's 
> another question to answer: E-mail addresses in the mirrored archive 
> get obscured in one of two ways: Either the "@" is replaced with "at" 
> inside the message, or the whole address is scrambled. Unfortunately, 
> there is no option to leave them as they are. So, that would be 
> another thing to discuss. The past two years of the list are trivial 
> to copy over into the mirror because the mbox file is easily 
> web-accessible. However, I really hope the first year and a half of 
> archives can join them there. I understand that the machine that 
> hosted those died, but I don't know to what degree the old Mailman 
> mbox file is irretrievable from it, nor whether any backups of it 
> existed. Alas, the mbox format file really is the only way that part 
> of the list's history can rejoin it in this medium, and Jim's 
> meticulous retention of each message individually is insufficient. I 
> probably won't reply back to this thread unless everybody comes to an 
> agreement, but I'll be checking for replies nonetheless. I hope to see 
> some of you at the Javacat sometime...

If you plan to put the discussion in public, you must consider removing 
emails or atleast replace @ and . with AT and DOT.  It really helps lot 
of people, if you allow the discussion to be archived by search 
engines.   Good job.

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