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I don't really know much about music, but I thought I would hazard a few
comments anyway.

On Dec 27, 2007 12:54 PM, Kristian Erik Hermansen <
kristian.hermansen at gmail.com> wrote:

> I made the following
> MP3's on Linux :-)

Awesome.  I really should film your band and interview you about your Linux
audio work.  I would like to put these links on a Linux Audio list that I am
a member of.

The DTP film needs to make FOSS sexy, and your music is good.  It has a
Beatles' type sound to it.

> http://www.kristian-hermansen.com/wordpress/2007/11/12/the-rogue-signs-my-new-band/
> http://www.kristian-hermansen.com/data/3%20-%20Every_Single_Day.mp3

This first song is the song that I was listening to when wrote the above.
Very Beatlesque.  Clear lyrics, the kind of pop tune that you can't get out
of your head with a memorable refrain.

> <http://www.kristian-hermansen.com/data/3%20-%20Every_Single_Day.mp3>
> http://www.kristian-hermansen.com/data/2%20-%20Burn_the_Wire.mp3

This song sounds a bit like U2.  Guitar and vocal build up to a theme change
with a breath-taking pause.

> <http://www.kristian-hermansen.com/data/2%20-%20Burn_the_Wire.mp3>
> http://www.kristian-hermansen.com/data/4%20-%20Ginger.mp3

First impression, ringing guitars.  Good bass guitar, good melodic guitars,
good vocals, but stands a bit in the shadow of its sister songs above.
Still, this song is much better than lots of the stuff you hear on the
radio.  More driving than its sisters.

> <http://www.kristian-hermansen.com/data/4%20-%20Ginger.mp3>
> http://www.kristian-hermansen.com/data/1%20-%20Atmosphere.mp3

Chris Isaak start.  Gravely vocals that make teenager girls fall in love
with posters.  Then moves to a big sweeping pop sound with ringing guitars
and lots of, well, atmosphere sounds.

> http://www.kristian-hermansen.com/data/5%20-%20You_Wouldnt_Leave_Me.mp3

Really nice opening with strong vocals in the drivers' seat.  Funny woo hoo
refrain introduced early gives the song memorability.  I could definitely
see a roomful of kids bouncing off the walls to this song, and it's the kind
of song that would have had me bouncing off the walls 20 years ago (I'm

> you are interested in seeing The Rogue Signs play out,

yeah!  By "play out" do you mean rehearse?

> The website is down at the moment, but we are
> local to SF and the lead singer lives over in Sunset...

k, sounds good.
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