[sf-lug] HP C3600S computer

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 12:53:03 PST 2007

I have, but have no use for, an HP computer;
It's graphics card is NOT supported by Linux so unless someone had
access to HP's version of Unix, you'd only be able to use it as a
command line machine.
I'd be happy to give it away to a good cause.
Does anyone have any use for it or can anyone make suggestions as to
what best to do with it?
Here are the details taken from a paper that came with it:

Device		Device Type		SerialNumber	Made in:
--------	-----------		------------	--------
Computer	HP C3600S		SG0271502	Singapore
CD-ROM		HP Internal		5748299		USA
DAT		HP External 4mm DAT	US69502119	USA
      (^this may or may not be available, I'm not sure)
Floppy		HP Internal 3.5"	01117880	Great Britain
Modem		USRobotics 33.6		22TSB8DAAH7R	USA
Optical		HP-OD-MAX-52GB		JP8CMOO609	Japan
Other		7200 RPM LVD Disk Drive	16018941069	USA
Hard Drive	HP ? P# A165869031

No, it's not hot! 

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