[sf-lug] NTFS resize failing...

Tom Haddon tom at greenleaftech.net
Thu Dec 20 10:20:03 PST 2007

On Thu, 2007-12-20 at 18:09 +0000, Charles Wyble wrote:
> What version of windows? Any volume managers or compression/encryption programs in use? 

Windows XP. I used the standard Windows Defrag and then downloaded
Ultradefrag as the standard Windows tool wasn't compacting the files


I did then check back in the Windows Defrag tool and it reported
everything moved nicely. 

> This is a rather interesting problem. I have done dozens of resizes of nt, XP, vista without incident.
> How weird. :)

Yeah, seriously...

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> Hi Folks,
> Hoping someone can help here...
> My missus was so impressed with mythbuntu (which I've recently setup for
> us with an old laptop) that she's decided it's time for her to try out
> Ubuntu. I'd like to go the dual boot method, and have defragmented and
> compacted her disk layout, but then trying both gparted (Ubuntu and
> SystemRescueCD) and diskdrake (PC Linux OS), neither was able to resize
> the ntfs partition. 
> She has a 55GB disk that's got over 24GB free and I've made sure the
> space is all at the tail end of the drive per Windows Disk Defragmenter
> layout. I was planning to resize the Windows partition to 40GB, leaving
> 15GB for Ubuntu.
> Any ideas what the problem could be? gparted only lets me resize by 8MB
> either way, and diskdrake says ntfsresize failed (before I've even told
> it by what values I want to resize).
> Thanks, Tom
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