[sf-lug] monday evening remeniscences

Tom Haddon tom at greenleaftech.net
Wed Dec 19 23:01:39 PST 2007

On Wed, 2007-12-19 at 22:47 -0800, Alex Kleider wrote:
> Credit, a lot of it, should (IMHO) be given to Kristian and to Asheesh
> for their selfless tenacity trying to get Emanual's laptop going. I
> watched it all from beginning to (sadly fruitless) end and two more
> dedicated and committed dudes I've never seen!
> I'm having a small problem on my own laptop running Ubuntu 7.04: it
> doesn't seem to be configuring the network properly. I talked to Tom
> Haddon a bit about this at the JavaCat and implementation of his
> suggestion helped (I was missing "auto eth0" in
> /etc/network/interfaces)
> but there is still a problem that the system is NOT picking up the DNS
> server addresses from the router. Things are ok after I use the "Manual
> Network Configuration" GUI to enter the required data but this used to
> happen automatically and other computers on the system seem not to have
> any problems. Nor did this one in the not so recent past! Does anyone
> know what's happening (or more to the point: NOT happening?)
> /etc/resolv.conf has the correct addresses in it although I only
> checked that AFTER using the GUI tool; also I never had to do that kind
> of configuration on any of several other Ubuntu installations I've
> done.

Hi Alex,

I assumed you wanted to do it all manually. You could also try
NetworkManager if you're not averse to that GUIs. Basically just
remove/comment any reference to the cards you want NetworkManager to
manage from /etc/network/interfaces, and then make sure it's running and
it'll take care of it all for you.

Cheers, Tom

> On the (week or two back) subject of acronyms: I've seen IMVAO lately
> and can't find it @ acronymfinder.com. Does it by any chance stand for
> In My Very Arrogant Opinion? Surely not!
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