[sf-lug] monday evening remeniscences

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 19 22:47:13 PST 2007

Credit, a lot of it, should (IMHO) be given to Kristian and to Asheesh
for their selfless tenacity trying to get Emanual's laptop going. I
watched it all from beginning to (sadly fruitless) end and two more
dedicated and committed dudes I've never seen!

I'm having a small problem on my own laptop running Ubuntu 7.04: it
doesn't seem to be configuring the network properly. I talked to Tom
Haddon a bit about this at the JavaCat and implementation of his
suggestion helped (I was missing "auto eth0" in
but there is still a problem that the system is NOT picking up the DNS
server addresses from the router. Things are ok after I use the "Manual
Network Configuration" GUI to enter the required data but this used to
happen automatically and other computers on the system seem not to have
any problems. Nor did this one in the not so recent past! Does anyone
know what's happening (or more to the point: NOT happening?)
/etc/resolv.conf has the correct addresses in it although I only
checked that AFTER using the GUI tool; also I never had to do that kind
of configuration on any of several other Ubuntu installations I've

On the (week or two back) subject of acronyms: I've seen IMVAO lately
and can't find it @ acronymfinder.com. Does it by any chance stand for
In My Very Arrogant Opinion? Surely not!

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