[sf-lug] from matt in toronto re St. Anthony's and a question

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sun Dec 16 14:33:18 PST 2007

hi folks,

first, just want to reinforce Christian on today's event at St.
Anthony's -- it was a lot of fun and i think for at least some people
the FOSS element played a significant role.

now for my stupid question:  i am trying to extract some images from
stupid pdf from, of all places, marthat stewart living.  i don't know
that much about pdf but the images look to be svgish -- all lines and
fills, very simple really.  anyway, tried pdfimages from (in ubuntu) the
xpf-utils package, and it fails silently to extract any images from this
particular pdf (works fine on other files though).  so i guess i'm
looking at some kind of manual extraction or something...

<JS note="snipped file, too big for list consumption">
anyway, the
file in question is hopefully attached to this message -- i'd put it on
the web somewhere but my server's back in toronto and appears to be
suffering from disk failure...
</JS note="if SF-LUGgers can point matt to a source, do so to his email>

thanks for any help you can give,


Matt Price
matt.price at utoronto.ca

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