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On Dec 11, 2007 11:02 PM, Mark G Sobell <mark at sobell.com> wrote:

> Hi All --
> I am looking for a laptop, probably to run Ubuntu, maybe Fedora. I have a
> couple of requirements:

Someone has suggested buying a Dell as a way to thank Dell for supporting
FOSS.  Well, they have done that, kind of.  Except that it is hard to find
FOSS on their website.

If you are local to SF Bay Area, you might want to consider supporting a
group that has supported us.  There are two vendors in the SF Bay Area that
have helped a lot with our local public middle school project:  Zareason.comand
Techcollective.com.  They have both actually come over to the school to help

So yeah, if you buy from Dell, then they will continue to run Linux models.
But if you buy from one of those two groups, you will help local people.

Also, if I were you, I would want to buy from someone who would care what
the community thought about them.  I'm not sure that Dell would.  Also, for
the school project, we cared about having reasonable markups.  We want Linux
vendors to make a profit, but Dell is too aggressive in its pricing.  After
all, it has all of that advertising cost to cover, whereas both of these
local groups rely on word of mouth advertising, which means that they can
pass on the costs to you.

good luck!

> It must have enough power and be able to hold enough RAM (4GB?) to support
> up
> to three virtual systems running under Xen or VMware.
> I would like a 17 inch screen so my eyeballs do not bug out after a day of
> editing/composing pages/spreads of text. For the same reason I would like
> a
> fairly high rez screen (1920x1200?).
> The  ASUS G2S-B2 caught my eye. It is more than I wanted to spend, but my
> requirements may leave me no options. Anyone have experience with this
> one?
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220255
> http://usa.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=5&l2=133&l3=491&l4=0&model=1675&modelmenu=2
> Other than that I am pretty open. I would welcome suggestions and any
> experience you have with this type of laptop.
> Thanks,
>             Mark
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>                Mark
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