[sf-lug] sign up sheet for stuff to bring to the Dec 15 St. Anthony's event

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 04:22:52 PST 2007


In looking around the school, I found stuff there that we will be able to
cover for next Saturday.  I have updated the list with stuff that we still


   1. at least 5 four-port switches (one to split the room, the others to
   feed the individual boxes);
   2. at least 6 six-jack surge protectors;
   3. at least 9 ethernet cables, preferably at least 20 feet each, plus
   one or two ethernet cables reaching, say, 50 feet (we are going to have to
   run an ethernet cable from the wall jack in a different room, because this
   room has no ethernet outlet);
   4. a spindle of say 25 CDs for on-the-spot burning of CDs.
   5. 3 torchier lamps. It is pretty important to have lamps that will
   direct light upt to the ceiling, as we will be shooting video, and we don't
   want to blind the camera by having the light source at eye level.
   6. Please feel free to bring your own desktop or notebook set-up,
   especially if you have an OLPC X0.
   7. Also, everyone might want to consider bringing their own
   screwdrivers and pliers and whatever other diagnostic / building tools you
   think you will need for building boxes.

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer!
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