[sf-lug] Web Log Analyzers

Steven Friese stvn_consult at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 6 12:09:25 PST 2007

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"weight": 0.35,
"type": ["shortcuts:/us/tag/news/thing"],
"category": ["CONCEPT"],
"context": "analysis tool that works on Linux" }

I work for an online company where one of our sources of revenue is
 advertising.  We switched from using Windows to Linux and are now trying
 to find a replacement for WebTrends.  We would prefer an Open Source
 solution and I have looked at Webalizer, AWStats,w3perl, AWFful and
 Google Analytics so far.  None of these has all the features that WebTrends
 does.  Our marketing people definitely want something like Webtrends
 'Visits by People' statistic.  Anyone know of a Open Source or Commercial
 analysis tool that works on Linux that will give an advertising department the stats they need to make sales?

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