[sf-lug] term under Ubuntu7.10 and nvidia!

Ernest De Leon edeleonjr at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 19:39:16 PST 2007

So, the problem is a stupid bug that exists within compiz...it has to do
with having compositing enabled.  You can actually fix the problem by
changing the  Option "Composite" from "Enable" to "False" under the
"Extensions" section.  The option I told you to add simply enables or
disables support for OpenGL rendering into 32-bit ARGB windows and pixmaps.
You can google "argb-glx-visuals" or bring up the man page for
nvidia-xconfig.  This is a known bug that has been around since before beryl
forked then re-fused back into compiz.

If you want, you can comment out that option line I gave you and just try to
set the composite to false and see if you get better behavior with that.
That may actually help you out a lot.

As far as 'what compiz-fusion' is...well...in my opinion it's a piece of
crap that eats up compute cycles on your box.  It's basically an eye-candy
package that lets you do all of those 'i'm better than mac and ms aero'
things like spin several desktops around on the faces of a cube etc.  Some
people find that cool and some just want something different.  To each their
own.  I always disable it because I like to have every resource possible
dedicated to the apps that I am running at any given time.  That and it
really doesn't play nice with my dual 22" LCD setup.  You can lookup compiz
fusion or just compiz on youtube and see what I am talking about.

Before someone goes off and calls me a dinosaur or kill joy, I'm not even 30
yet and I play more games than most 15 year olds.  I just choose to game on
consoles and work on my boxes.  My next project will be installing Linux on
a new PS3.  I will probably put Ubuntu on it and see how much performance I
can squeeze from the 6 cores (SPEs) that are exposed.  For some reason, they
locked the 7th core.  The other drawback is that it has a paltry 512 MB
RAM.  Hell my toaster has more RAM than that.

At any rate, there are your answers for the minor nvidia/compiz
issue...though I lay the blame squarely on compiz.


On Dec 5, 2007 6:48 PM, Alex Kleider <a_kleider at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Ernest: you were right and I thank you greatly for the advice.
> The installation program had already detected that the computer did
> have an nvidia card and had pushed me to use the proprietary driver
> which I did.
> Adding:  Option "addARGBGLXVisuals" "true"
> to the "Screen" section of /etc/X11/xorg.config solved the problem: I
> now get a proper terminal EXCEPT..
> if I issue an
> $exit
> command, instead of the terminal disappearing as it does on my laptop,
> it just stops responding to my key board and I have to close the window
> by clicking on the top right hand x. Still not quite the way it should
> be BUT a big big improvement.
> Can you refer me to a source to learn more about just what that option
> does?
> Thanks again.
> Kristien: you were right in that the problem appears to have been in
> the video card. I don't know what "compiz fusion" is. Can you direct me
> somewhere to find out? I did change visual effects from normal to none
> but did it after changing the config file so I can't report whether
> that would have solved the problem. If it is important to anyone to
> find out, I'm happy to change back the config file and report. Let me
> know.
> By the way: the change in visual effects made no change that I could
> see.
> alex
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