[sf-lug] Is it okay for someone to video the tech day?

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Tue Dec 4 18:45:48 PST 2007


On Dec 4, 2007 1:46 PM, Kami Griffiths <kgriffiths at compumentor.org> wrote:

> Hi Kami,
Do you know who will be
> filming,

If you permit it, I would be the one filming.

> what they plan to film,

I would basically be documenting the project, assuming that you permit it.
I would like to speak with the organizers, the open source volunteers,
Realteck's people, and anyone who shows up looking for help,

I would like to ask the St. Anthony's people to just describe what St.
Anthony does, and what population they serve.  I would also ask them if they
have done anything like this before, and why they are starting now, if they
have not done anything like this before.  I would like to ask them what they
hope to accomplish.

Of the open source volunteers, I would ask them how they found out about it,
and why the wanted to volunteer and what they hope to accomplish.  I would
also ask about how they would see the clients getting follow-up support with
on-line forums, etc.

For Realteck's people, I would ask them to basically describe what Realteck
does; how did they get involved with this project; what experience, if any
they have with open source software; if this is their first interaction with
open source software, what kinds of initial impressions they have; and what
they see as the future of this particular project.

Of the clients, I would ask them how they found out about the project; where
they got their computers; whether they know the difference between open
source software and Windows; what their hopes are; what their first
impressions are; and what they will do for support going forward if they
need it (and they will).

> where the footage will be broadcast,

We are building a film about Free Open Source Software (FOSS for short).  We
are building it on-line, the same way that FOSS is built.  We are giving
away all of the footage for free on the Internet Archive's Digital Tipping
Point Video Collection.  The film asks the audience to ponder whether they
think FOSS is a flash-in-the-pan trend, or if it will last, and if it will
last, if it will influence global human culture and how.

> and
> any information about the intended audience?

We are going to start with YouTube and we hope to reach general cinematic
release.  Of course, every independent filmmaker wants to reach general
cinematic release, but only about .5% of all films makes that level.  So we
are being realistic.
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