[sf-lug] vmware/synaptic/Ubuntu7.04

Tom Haddon tom at greenleaftech.net
Sat Dec 1 17:25:08 PST 2007

On Sat, 2007-12-01 at 10:24 -0800, Christian Einfeldt wrote:
> hi Alex,
> As Asheesh said, VMware is non-Free software.  So actually, if you
> were to use something like qemu, which is Free Software, it would
> actually be useful for me, personally, because it would give me a
> chance to compare notes with another simple end user.  We had to
> install VirtualBox on the two Zareason boxes that we brought down to
> the SV-LUG Google installfest the other day, simply because it was
> what Daniel Gimpelevich chose and happened to have available.
> VirtualBox is also non-Free, and it is just ever so slightly annoying
> to think that we are bringing yet another piece of non-Free code onto
> those boxes, at least for me.  

Actually, VirtualBox is GPL:


Thanks, Tom

> I would really like to change that eventually.  So if you go with
> qemu, it would give me a chance to find out the skinny from another
> end user. 
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