[sf-lug] Backups are important

Jason Turner jturner at nonzerosums.org
Tue Nov 20 14:01:06 PST 2007

Asheesh Laroia wrote:
> so they should be easy.
> There's an app I mentioned to Kristian at yesterday's SF-LUG meeting 
> called TimeVault.  It looks like this: 
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeVault/ScreenShots , has a home page at 
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeVault , and has this overview:
> [...]
> More details another time.  I'm interested in Kristian's and others' 
> thoughts.

As am I.  Riley and I chatted a bit about backup solutions last night 
also.  I'd never heard of TimeVault so thanks for adding it to the long 
list of options.  I'd love to hear from more people about the 
solution(s) they use. 

I've used rsnapshot for the past couple of years and have been satisfied 
with its backup/restore capabilities.  But without an intuitive GUI, I'm 
hesitant to recommend it to desktop users.  Looks like TimeVault(GNOME 
front-end) may not be worth experimenting with on my KDE desktop though?

A word to those of us less experienced in administering a machine -- 
once you've chosen your backup tool, you still have the other half of 
the work: picking the correct scheme.  Lots of advice out there, within 
our own mailing list archives and of course in the informative web 
archives of linuxmafia.org


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