[sf-lug] New Linux box

RBV GoodWriter2548 at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 18 10:25:31 PST 2007

As a supplment to:

> It's simply that they [Nvidia] don't provide open source drivers. The
> drivers they do provide support Linux pretty well, but if you run into
> some weird issue, you're pretty much stuck. That being said, unless
> you're into serious gaming, there's no real need for an Nvidia graphics
> card, which tend to excel in 3D applications and games.

I've had good luck using the Envy script to detect the correct driver
needed for my Nvidia GeForce FX 5500, download the necessary source
and compile it, and install the driver:


Note, however, that I'm not pushing my Nvidia card's capabilities.
First, I"m not a gamer.  Having said that, I have experimentally
loaded and run various 3-d and other graphics-intensive toys, but
since they didn't actually help me do useful work I discarded them
after a few minutes of exploration...

Cheers & hope this helps,

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