[sf-lug] Next meeting Monday evening at the Javacat

bobbie sellers bliss at california.com
Sat Nov 17 17:22:13 PST 2007

Hi Users,
	I hope you members who have borrowed magazines and
DVDs will remember to bring them along to the meeting.
	Someone has a late version of Knoppix and if I get
that disk back or the other DVDs I can make copies of them
for your further use now. And give them back to you at the
first meeting in December.

	Thanks for your attention.

    	Bobbie Sellers -- aka bliss at california dot com

 bobbie sellers - (Back to Angband) Team *AMIGA & SF-LUG*

     "It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
     It is by the beans of cocoa that the thoughts acquire speed,
     the thighs acquire girth, the girth become a warning.
     It is by theobromine alone I set my mind in motion."
        --from Someone else's Dune spoof ripped to my taste.

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