[sf-lug] Wireless Mesh networking using the XO laptop

Mark G Sobell mark at sobell.com
Sun Nov 11 11:05:25 PST 2007

It was all free to me, unlike SFLAN which I also have a (nonworking) node for. 
I have not seen any ads yet, other than notices about Meraki and the weather, 
but they may be coming.

Although my contact at Meraki said they were doing it as part of their 
research in setting up large networks, the installer told me the project is 
funded by Google. Take that for what it may be worth.


On Sunday 11 November 2007, jasonstone wrote:
> The issues that I have with the Meraki model, as I understand it, is  
> that the node owner purchases the node, supplies the bandwidth and the  
> neighbors get free wifi with ads.

		mark at sobell.com

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