[sf-lug] distro compiled for i586

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Oct 31 21:51:07 PDT 2007

Quoting bobbie sellers (bliss at california.com):
> Alex Kleider wrote:
> > Rick: I tried the i586 version of Mandriva but it hangs on the i586
> > ThinkPad.
> 	It likely has nothing to do with whatever processor is in
> the ThinkPad.  More likely is to be incorrect graphics drivers or
> the like.  Which version of Mandriva did you try to install?

This is an excellent point:  Alex saying nothing more than "it hangs" 
leaves completely unclear what specifically went awry.  It really
doesn't seem the least bit likely that the i585-optimised Mandriva
installer would refuse to work on a Pentium MMX.

Alex, I apologise for punting on this matter, but I didn't want to seem
to give you a hard time over "it hangs".  Bobbie's right, of course:
It's not clear what problem you encountered (because, well, you gave us
nothing to work with), but it's very clear that the CPU ain't it.

And, once again, if you (Alex) want to know wwhat level CPU optimisation
a particular distro installer uses, check the Distrowatch page (and
maybe double-check on the linked pages for the distro project).

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