[sf-lug] distro compiled for i586

bobbie sellers bliss at california.com
Wed Oct 31 21:41:35 PDT 2007

Alex Kleider wrote:

> Rick: I tried the i586 version of Mandriva but it hangs on the i586
> ThinkPad.

	It likely has nothing to do with whatever processor is in
the ThinkPad.  More likely is to be incorrect graphics drivers or
the like.  Which version of Mandriva did you try to install?

> I've searched for other i586 compiled linux's to no avail.
> (I found mention of I think it was suse having an i586 version but I
> couldn't find it anywhere.)

	Most are compiled to run on pre-Pentium core from the i386
as Rick Moen remarks and most will run fine on Pentiums from the
Celeron and even older, slower full Pentiums.  The problem lies with
the chip sets more than likely.
	I've got a DVD of Mandriva 2007.1 and will be happy to make
a copy for you to use or we could try from the original at the next
	And we can try two versions of Knoppix from DVD which usually
gives some satifaction.

> I'm close to just giving up on machines with pre i686 processors.
> by the way: we did find memory and got it installed without a hitch.
> Again, thanks for the tip. 

	To make it confusing sometimes a distro will identify the
cpu chip correctly but still tell you it is installing an i686
version from which I conclude that the i686 must be very close
to the i386 versions.

	Oh I got the latest Linux Pro Magasine with the latest
release of Sabayon but it takes 3D video acceleration for the latest
gui to work.

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