[sf-lug] Newbie offering eternal gratitude + usable hardware for help with a LinuxMCE MythTV installation

Sam Geffner sgeffner at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 16:48:24 PDT 2007

The title says it.  New user making the awkward transition to Linux, long
time intermediate user of Windoze.  I fell in love with the LinuxMCE video
and the idea of total control of my life with one remote.  On a dedicated
Compaq I installed Kubuntu Feisty, then the 2-cd install of LinuxMCE, which
includes MythTV. I can boot into MCE, and select WatchTV which gets me into
Myth. I have downloaded a lovely program guide, which I can browse. But when
I try to schedule a program or watch live, I get a black screen with only a
mouse cursor.  My Ubuntu laptop can't network install a Media Director

Hardware: Hauppage PVR-500, ATI all-in-wonder 9800 pro. 300GB hd partitioned
automatically during install as one big partition. 512Mb RAM

I suspect that the problem MAY be in the ATI vid card, and even tried
installing Linux ATI drivers. But I get the black screen.  Uninstalling the
drivers and using the generic drivers also doesn't help.

Any help out there Pleez? My phone is below if that is easier. I have a
couple of P3 desktops, most of a High end Bose speaker system, a garage sale
full of interesting tech odds and ends  [just ask], and I could even pay a
modest amount for help to solve my problems and get LinuxMCE up and

Sam Geffner
sgeffner at gmail.com
415-793-3562 cel

"That which makes our task difficult is part of the task."
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