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Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 20:39:53 PDT 2007

Thanks again for your responses.
Please allow me to try to redeem myself:
The old laptop in question has 
i Series written just above the F4 key
IBM ThinkPad written just below the lower left hand corner of the
Type 2611 written on the back of it just above where are given the
19v-2.4 A power input specifications.
The only assumption I can be justly accused of making is that what's
written on the machine applies to the machine.
I make errors enough as you all know.
I did a cat /proc/cpuinfo       and got
Genuine Intel
cpu family: 5
model: 8
Model name: Mobile Pentium MMX
stepping: 1
cpu MHz: 266.621
What I didn't previously mention and probably should have is that on
the little "Intel Inside" sticker that's on the computer it has MMX.
Would that have id'd the processor for you?

Much of the other material you threw at me I need some more time to
digest. It seems though that the problem is not the kernel but the
compilation there of. Should I go back to Gentoo? Those guys force you
to compile everything. Most things take all night!
That was the distro I first tried and actually got a couple of old
computers going on it but the frustrations were great and I had no
where to turn. But now...
You've been so helpful I'm feeling a bit gutsy......

By the way, the thinkpad is working very nicely! (Using Damn Small
Linux )(without a memory upgrade which a local computer guy told me
he'd do for close to $200!)
The only thing I've been unable to do that I did set out for myself is
get flashplayer working on it. I did get it working on several other
computers. Installation of flashplayer seems to involve placing two
files: "flashplayer.xpt" and "libflashplayer.so" into a directory
called  "plugins" that usually resides in "/usr/lib/mozilla" but the
DSL distro has no such file path. The closest I can find is
I haven't heard of anyone on this list using DSL.
I'm in the process of joining the DSL forum. There may be something
there to steer me in the correct direction.
Again, Thanks to all.

alex at kleider.net

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