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On 10/22/07, Sameer Verma <sverma at sfsu.edu> wrote:
> Will the revolution be televised/recorded?

I will be out of the country with my broadcast quality camera when Jim is
presenting, but we do have lots of footage that Jim can use under a cc by-SA
license here:


So the revolution already *is* being televised.  Or YouTubed, as the case
may be.


That is just raw footage.  Our first goal in producing the Digital Tipping
Point is to load all of the footage up to the Internet Archive's Digital
Tipping Point Video collection (first link above) and to then start
post-production.  We can sure use help with rough editing of the footage.
Rough editing means that you are the first one to get your hands on our
footage.  You decide what will go into the historical archive.  In a sense,
you are deciding a small little bit of history.  Because history is not what
happened, it's what we remember.
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