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D.V.Rogers dvr at allshookup.org
Sat Oct 20 11:34:51 PDT 2007

Open Call / C Programmers

The Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork (PIEQF) is seeking support
from a competent  C programmer with some experience in industrial I/O
control who would be willing to donate their time in contributing to
the control interface of a hydraulically actuated earthquake shake

This is a not for profit machine based, seismic art project. Some
experience in the art world would be a bonus as the work is more
aligned with 'Art' than science or industrial control applications.
Though I welcome interest from anyone with a good understanding of the
C language, some knowledge of Java and Perl would also be helpful.

Details about the project can be found at http://allshookup.org/parkfield

You could also browse over the project Blog. http://blog.allshookup.org

The control interface is built around  Linux Fedora 7 and incorporates
two Computerboards PCI cards.

2 Channel 16-Bit Analog Output Board with 48 Bits of Digital I/O
8-Channel Analog Input Board with 7 Digital I/O Bits

Both of these cards  have had Linux drivers developed for them by
Warren Jasper, Professor of Textile Engineering Design at North
Carolina State University.

There are two wonderful and talented individuals contributing with
code to the project already;

Andy Michael, Seismologist with the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park
is writing code that will interface an array of five L10 Geophones to
the shake table. When someone jumps next to one of the seismometers,
the vertical motion of the shake table will come into effect.

Geo Homsy,  Phd (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science) is
developing some high end algorithms which will drive the horizontal
and vertical motion of the shake table.

I am seeking the support of a C programmer who would like to work on
the lower end level C development required to read and then pipe the
QDDS/QDM seismic data feed to the PCI-DDA02/16 card to switch a bunch
of 24 vdc solenoids which drive the shake table.

I have a QDDS/QDM seismic data feed working as well as both cards
installed and functioning.  I am using some old code that was written
for an older series (ISA BUS) card. I need some help in getting the
two analogue outputs working which drive a  proportional hydraulic

Below is a link to the Linux Driver source code and documentation for
both the PCI-DDA02/16 and PCI-DAS08 cards. Documentation about the
QDDS/QDM seismic data stream is also included at this link.

Source Code and Documentation

For more information please contact dvr at allshookup.org

Please forward this to anyone you may think might be interested.
I am in the Bay Area until the 8th November - Thanks David


US Cell No: +1 415-298-4624


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