[sf-lug] equivalent of newegg for buying a new/refurbished TV?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Oct 12 14:37:45 PDT 2007

Quoting Kristian Erik Hermansen (kristian.hermansen at gmail.com):

> I guess I just assumed that this list was for the Linux community.  

OK, cool.  I hope you'll launch some stimulating threads about politics
and religion, then.  I mean, after all, that would be from a member of
the Linux community, so obviously those _would_ be topical.

> I tend to trust our community members over many other groups in the
> world, because they are usually well-educated and motivated toward
> research. 

For example, they wouldn't ever abusively cross-post across seven Linux
mailing lists spread across the planet, plus one OpenBSD one, I'm
absolutely sure.

> If you want to strictly ban anything unrelated to Linux,
> that is fine.

I'm not SF-LUG's listadmin.  I'm just a poor bastard looking for a
high-quality pair of left-handed scissors, who therefore appreciates
your having proved conclusively that this mailing list isn't about
Linux.  After finding those scissors, I'm hoping to chase down a used,
inexpensive reel-type unpowered lawn-mower, and would certainly
appreciate this mailing list's help, in that.

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