[sf-lug] Please vote for this /. story of Microsoft's funding of our public middle school's FOSS boxes

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 21:47:16 PDT 2007


As many of you probably know, the public middle school many of us on this
list are supporting FOSS acquired several FOSS boxes courtesy of the
Microsoft Anti-Trust Settlement.  A local FOSS vendor, by the name of
Zareason.com, was paid several thousand dollars for the building the boxes
and installing the software, namely openSUSE and Edubuntu.

We actually had to do some close studying of the Microsoft Settlement
Agreement to understand exactly what steps to take to get the Microsoft
Settlement Administrator to approve the funding for the project because, as
you can imagine, Microsoft did not want to make it easy to use the
settlement to fund Free Open Source Software acquisitions. But the rise of
commercial FOSS vendors has made it easier to do just that.

Now that our school has been reimbursed for that purchase, I think that it
would be nice for other sys admins at other California schools to be able to
take advantage of this opportunity to acquire decent hardware with financial
support from none other than our friends in Redmond.  Hence this /.

If you think that this story is worth a vote in the Slashdot firehose,
please consider voting in the /. firehose to bring the story to the front
page.  Unfortunately, I wrote the /. summary *and* the article, so I think
that I am likely to be dinged on cheesiness alone.  So if anyone wanted to
rewrite the story and re-submit, at least you have a starter template to
make that job a little easier.


Thanks either way.
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