[sf-lug] Watching ABC videos with Firefox under PClinuxOS

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 22:24:43 PDT 2007


I am helping a neighbor of mine watch ABC videos.  She is using PClinuxOS,
which I have installed for her.  She was previously on Windows 98, and that
became so buggy that she allowed me to blow away Windows on her old box, and
then she has been using Mepis Linux for about 10 months.  And then she ran
into this problem with not being able to watch video here:


If you go to that page, please click on "watch full episodes" to reproduce
the problem.  I have already downloaded the Win32codecs for her via
Synaptic, as well as quicktime, etc.

Coincidentally, this woman is 62 years old, so she is the mythical
grandmother that everyone is saying can't use Linux.  Well, she has proven
them wrong for more than 10 months now.

Coincidentally, her name is Patricia, and she will be coming with me
tomorrow to the SF-LUG meeting at 11 am at Javacat.  Her email address is
above.  I am at her house now, and Patricia says that she likes to lurk on a
list and read a list for a while before participating.  So you might not see
that much activity from her at first!

I will also be bringing another friend who was recently introduced to
Linux.  Her name is Cheryl, and Cheryl runs SF Freecycle!!!  How cool is

Both Patricia and Cheryl are on PClinuxOS, and both of them got computers
from through the school project.

I think that for the DTP I am going to need to interview lots of
grandmothers.  I think I need to travel again, and do a grandmother tour of
the US.  Maybe that will be for a special episode after we have finished the
main film.

Thanks in advance.
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