[sf-lug] Buying Ubuntu Support from Canonical not as smooth as running the Operating System!

Jeff Bragg jackofnotrades at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 18:34:37 PDT 2007

> > What the hell is wrong with that? are Americans allergic to the
> > international community or is it just something that you have managed
> > to breed in over the 400 years you've existed. Get over yourself, a UK
> > based company is damn well going to have a uk phone number, uk times
> > and yes even uk banking and credit clearance.
> >
> > See this is why Europeans don't like doing business in the usa,
> > customers in America whine about everything being foreign and
> > different.

Senseless vitriol.  And simply wrong in the context of providing
international support contracts.  Of course a UK company is going to have a
UK phone/fax number and working hours.  And if they value international
business, they'll also provide international numbers (probably toll-free)
and 24-7 coverage (outsourced to Bangalore, if necessary).  Nobody is going
to pay you knowing that you won't provide the promised support when they
actually need it, American or otherwise.  As to accepting AMEX, perhaps it
can be excused.  Then again, if you want US business contracts, as Kristian
pointed out, you'd be wise to try to work that one out.

I can't tell who authored that gem.  Perhaps that massive chip on their
shoulder is obscuring their face (or maybe I'm just not subscribed to that
list ;) ).
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