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Tom Haddon tom at greenleaftech.net
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On Tue, 2007-10-02 at 20:50 -0700, Alex Kleider wrote:
> two questions about the following Item: Gateway 450ROG - Pentium Mobile
> 1.7 GHz - 512MB - 60GB Hdd - 15" LCD - DVD / CD-RW Combo - Wireless -
> No Operating System Installed (Windows XP Pro COA) - Grade B - Mfg
> Warranty til 5/1/08
> 1. does anyone anticipate compatibility issues with linux (Debian etch
> is what I would use)

You'd need to know specific components (graphics card and wireless
chipset are typically the ones to watch out for) to know whether it'll
work out of the box with Linux or if you'll have to tweak it to get it
working. This might help:


I'd avoid broadcom wireless if you can help it (although it works fine
on my currently laptop with a binary blob). Looks like you've got intel
wireless, which is good, but ATI graphics card, which is bad (but
promises to be better soon since ATI have announced open source drivers
will be supported).

Unfortunately Linux on Laptops doesn't seem to have too much to say
about this specific laptop:


If you're buying retail, try taking a LiveCD and see how it boots before
you buy it. I've done that before and I believe most stores will allow

> 2. what is meant by "Windows XP PRO COA?" 
> 2a. what I REALLY want to know is: if I buy this, does Microsoft get
> some money?
> I have no intention of using MS Windows on this computer so don't want
> to see MicroSoft make any profit.

My guess is they do see some profit. I don't know what Windows XP Pro
COA means, but I'm sure there's something going to MS there.

If you're really looking to avoid the MS tax, best way is to get a Linux
pre-install such as Dell, Emperor Linux or System 76 (I'm sure there are
a ton of others).

Cheers, Tom

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