[sf-lug] sf-lug Digest, Vol 22, Issue 56

RBV GoodWriter2548 at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 27 14:35:26 PDT 2007

> Having said that, I'm curious about more traditional *nix programs for
> handling email such as elm (a.k.a. elmo?), mail (alias Mail), mutt, pine
> (not available, by the way, in Ubuntu's standard repositories), and so on.

First, thanks to everyone who's responded to my inquiry about "traditional"
*nix email clients.  I'll probably try all of the different clients at some
point, beginning most likely with Alpine (which the Ubuntu 7.04 repositories
identify as an "upgrade of Pine") insofar as its predecessor, Pine, seems to
be highly regarded.

Having said that, Rick Moen's response, below, caught my attention:

> "you set up a separate Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) to handle that portion of
> the task, and use your choice of best-of-breed MUA (mail user agent, i.e.,
> mail-reading/composing program) for _that_ part of the problem."

Wow -- what does that mean, exactly?  It sounds to this relative newbie --
and (blush) mere *user* -- like setting up an email server on my desktop
computer.  That in turn raises some questions (at least for me) about
management and security burdens that may well exceed my initial desire to
receive and send email from multiple accounts...(?)  Or...?

On the other hand, where might a curious newbie user go to learn more about
this exotic sounding activity?

Cheers & thanks again to all,

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