[sf-lug] Does anyone have a good backup strategy for Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty?)

RBV GoodWriter2548 at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 6 11:50:25 PDT 2007


Three days ago I upgraded from Ubuntu 6 (Dapper) to Feisty.  So far, so
good, BUT Feisty's use of EXT3 disk broke my old backup strategy based on
Norton Ghost 2003.  More specifically, a restored Feisty root (not boot)
partition isn't usable.  Multiple threads on The Ubuntu Forum lead me to
believe I'm not alone in experiencing this...

I have at my disposal a Feisty CD-ROM (thanks Jim!), a 180GB USB2 drive
currently comprising NTSF and FAT32 partions, an internal CD-RW burner, and
two 80GB tray-mounted drives which I can readily swap in and out of my
computer.  One such drive currently contains a working W2K / Feisty
dual-boot system, the second drive contains a W2K / non-working Feisty root

With this in mind, can anyone suggest a sensible, straightforward,
*reliable* backup strategy for a complete Ubuntu Feisty system?

Ideally the process would resemble as much as possible the creation of a
backup "image" of a working Feisty system that could then be readily
restored as required.

Finally, and at the risk of stating the obvious, I'd prefer not to perform
dangerious experiments until I have a robust backup strategy in place to
protect me from the consequences of unsuccessful experiments...

Cheers & thanks,

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