[sf-lug] need CentOS 5 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5) platform info

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Aug 28 21:05:21 PDT 2007

    This source will certainly know the south bridge.
as to compute power, it's what they're handing us,
so that's what we get. I think most of what most of
us do could still be done with a 6502 and memory
overlays and a slick graphics card--my hope is for
the form factor and less power requirement so's to
be a more courteous guest in the local colo.

    That the box has the CPU power would let people
do things like compile code (e.g. Python code or
math-intensive code in any language...), though it
doesn't seem many people are interested in using
remote boxes at the shell level. I wish they would
and hope some do.

On Aug 28, 2007, at 7:26 PM, Rick Moen wrote:

> Quoting jim stockford (jim at well.com):
>>    wellllllll, the box reflected by the specs is a one-unit
>> hopefully relatively low-power box to replace the
>> over-powered and under storaged box we have in the
>> ServePath colo.
> OK.  Just curious.  (By my antique standards, a quad-core Xeon @ 
> 2.12GHz
> seems like a whole lot of CPU.  Lots of folks have more, though.)
>>    I'll ask about the south bridge chip and motherboard
>> maker, and thanks.
> Honestly, nobody except hardware geeks can quote south bridge
> identities, whereas everyone and his brother can quote motherboard
> models.  ;->  It's usually hopeless to inquire after south bridge
> models; replies if any are usually wrong.
> The south bridge is the motherboard's chip where most I/O connects, and
> thus is of vital importance for OS drivers.  North bridge is for CPU 
> and
> RAM.  Most likely, this _particular_ MB's south bridge will be one of 
> the
> Intel ICH (I/O Connector Hub) series.
> Like a lot of chip parts, those have vague-fuzzy family names from 
> Intel
> Marketing Department (ICH6, ICH7, ICH7R, ICH8, ICH8M, etc.), whereas
> Intel Engineering Dept. applies real, specific part numbers like 
> i82801HEM.
> Marketing also creates vague fuzzy names for motherboards as a whole.
> E.g., Intel's "Centrino Pro" series of laptop motherboards (development
> codename "Santa Rosa") are built around an Intel PM965 or GM965 series
> north bridge and an Intel ICH8M south bridge.
> First time I was inquiring of visiting representatives from
> $BIG_HARDWARE_VAR about their new Centrino Pro-based laptop, I asked 
> the
> (supposedly) technical account manager, "What's the south bridge?", he
> said "Intel 965", and I said "Um, no, that's the _north_ bridge."  Case
> in point.
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