[sf-lug] about new forms of dangerous junk mail

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Jul 31 09:16:57 PDT 2007

    My spam filter is very low, so i get a lot of junk
mail, but i also get most of the mail i want.
    Lately i've been getting junk mail with .PDF
or .ZIP attachments. I never click them, of course,
but I wonder what they're about: anybody know
if clicking these enables executables, and if so,
how does it work (e.g. click a .PDF and it has code
in it to manage the .PDF reader and squirt some
malware on the system--if that's the case, would
the .PDF reader matter, i.e. works with Adobe
reader but not with the macintosh Preview .PDF
reader...)? Similar question wrt .ZIP files on a
linux or mac system.

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