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I've held onto this press release for over a year.
anybody got an opinion as to its suitability?


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that PostPath  
(formerly Apptran) has emerged from stealth-mode. PostPath is the only  
company to provide a drop-in plug-compatible alternative to Microsoft  
Exchange™. The press release is at the end of my email, and further  
information is at www.postpath.com.

Demos are available at http://www.postpath.com/demos.

You may also be interested in this Infoworld article about PostPath:  

Please email or call if you would like to discuss the PostPath Server,  
or come visit us at Gartner ITxpo next week or at SIA in June.

•    Gartner ITxpo; San Francisco; May 15-17. BOOTH # 413.
•    SIA Technology Management Conference; NYC; June 20 - 22. BOOTH  

Thanks and best wishes,

Todd Shackelford


Scott Young, VP Marketing
1200 Villa Street, Suite 150
Mountain View, CA 94041-1106
Office: (650) 961 5681 ext. 133
email: press at postpath.com

PostPath Emerges from “Stealth” Mode: Announces The Only Drop-In  
Alternative to Microsoft Exchange™

Mountain View, CA, May 9, 2006 — Today marks the official debut of  
PostPath, creators of the only Linux-based email server to offer  
drop-in plug-compatibility with Microsoft Exchange. Formerly Apptran  
Software, and backed by Worldview Technology Partners and Matrix  
Partners, the company was founded in December 2003 to address the  
growing frustrations of organizations locked into Microsoft’s  
cumbersome, expensive, and inflexible email server.

Until now, Exchange was the only email server to support Exchange  
network protocols – the protocols required for full-featured  
interoperability with Outlook™, Active Directory™, other Exchange  
servers and ecosystem applications such as Blackberry™. As a result,  
enterprises have been forced to buy Exchange to gain support for their  
preferred infrastructure and client desktops.

To solve this problem, PostPath combined publicly available  
documentation with packet-level protocol decoding to enable  
implementation of the Exchange network protocols on the PostPath Linux  
email server. As a result, the PostPath Server is the first Exchange  
alternative to be able to drop into an existing Exchange farm without  
disruption, the first to interoperate with the server-to-server  
functions of already-deployed Exchange servers, including cross-server  
free-busy, and the first to provide full-featured Outlook  
interoperability without the need for plug-ins, connectors, or  

“It’s no secret that companies would like to see an alternative to  
Exchange,” commented PostPath’s CEO, Duncan Greatwood. “This is the  
seamless interoperability and co-existence that IT departments require  
to enable migration.”

The PostPath Server also solves the fundamental problems of existing  
enterprise email infrastructure. “We appreciate that the PostPath  
Server was designed to be simple, reliable, and cost-effective compared  
with Exchange. Moving the information store to the Linux file system  
simplifies storage, replication, backup and recovery,” said Henry  
Jenkins, CTO of First American Trust. Continued Jenkins, “it’s clear  
PostPath’s Server was designed with business continuity and disaster  
recovery in mind.”

“Enabling a five-times performance increase over Exchange and a  
six-fold reduction in storage costs, granular backup and restore,  
standards-based virus-filtering, archiving, clustering, replication and  
disaster-recovery, AJAX web-client support, and drop-in compatibility,  
the PostPath Server is the first truly enterprise-class Exchange  
alternative,” concludes Greatwood.
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