[sf-lug] request for volunteers to help at LinuxWorld Expo

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 25 00:36:34 PDT 2007

For coordination, I might suggest wiki.  SF-LUG has such
available to it on the sf-lug.com web site.  That could potentially
be used to share/coordinate information, schedules, planning,
etc. - particularly with multiple groups wanting to share use of the
booth.  I know Debian has used wiki before for Debian booth
coordination and planning, and it has worked quite well.
Of course if some other group that will be sharing the booth is
already off and running with that idea and suitable wiki page,
perhaps best to coordinate and leverage that.

And sf-lug.com is also hosted in a colocation facility that
would seem to be significantly more reliable, at least as of late,
than "the world's finest data centers".

I'll probably have little to no time for both 644 sitting (I'll
likely be doing some booth sitting at the Debian booth),
but I'll be at LinuxWorld probably at least a bit each of the 3
Expo days - and could likely assist with getting materials (e.g.
flyers and the like) or other needed supplies to/from
both 644 (if they're reasonably easy to carry - and potentially
over a fair distance - such as if I need to walk to the office
first and then back to LinuxWorld later).  Don't yet know
for the most part exactly when I'd be at LinuxWorld, but I'd
likely be there at least a bit of each of the 3 Expo days.

"the world's finest data centers" (oops, 24/7/365^H4.98... 99.999^H^H%):

Quoting jim stockford <jim at well.com>:

>     This year LinuxWorld Expo is supporting a community
> LUG (and Python and Plone) booth (644) that needs help.
>     This is a request for help from anyone who is able
> and interested in helping at that booth (passing out
> LUG literature and fielding inquiries about bay area
> and northern california linux and open source
> communities).
>     You can just show up at the booth when you have
> free time while you're at LinuxWorld, but it would
> help others if you can predict when you can help.
> For now, I'm trying to maintain a schedule, so please
> let me know when you can put in a little time at the
> table.
>     If you've got ideas as to how we should coordinate (got
> a wiki we can use?), chime in.
>     You will have to get in on your own (as an exhibitor
> for someone else or with a free exhibit hall pass:
> http://www.linuxworldexpo.com/live/12/

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