[sf-lug] ...a bit more about the greenhome email migration

Lx Rudis lx_rudis at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 24 18:49:49 PDT 2007

his mail server is upstream, colo'd at godaddy.  it's
a fairly powerful box, running fedora core 5.

one other detail:

this is a small, local business with no particular
love for microsoft.  he's simply stuck with it for the
nonce, courtesy of a successful ten year run at being
an online green business.  microsoft is very good at
roping small businesses into this sort of cul-de-sac,
btw.  based on my observations, there aren't many
people around who wish to help small businesses escape
this dependency.  therefore MS grows stronger in this
sector, and the very people who could motor a shift
away from that  dominance instead remain enslaved to
MS and the cruftware they enjoy passing off as
productivity tools.

it is my opinion that axil would embrace the notion of
converting his office [the desktop machines used for
ordering, sales, marketing] to open source if he could
be shown a way to get there without puttng his
business at risk by destabilizing the 
system[s] currently in place.  this pop3->imap
migration is his first step toward attempting a move
away from Outlook, and the misuse of email which it

a savvy linux person offering assistance at this point
could find him/herself in a key position with
greenhome.com .  i don't feel comfortable sharing
axil's business plans in an open forum, but i can
discuss in private, or introduce interested parties
directly to him.  if i wasn't already overextended,
i'd likely be considering working with him myself...


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