[sf-lug] Outlook pop3->IMAP migration?

Lx Rudis lx_rudis at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 24 18:01:24 PDT 2007

hello luggers.

attached is email from the guy i recently assisted. 
anyone here had experience with this sort of work? 
got any advice?  comments?  



--- Lawrence Comras <axil at greenhome.com> wrote:

> Hey people who know I've been trying to migrate mail
> (or who would care if
> they did know):
> So I created a new account, sales at greenhome.com,
> made it IMAP, hung the old
> Green Home email account name, green at greenhome.com
> as an alias off it,
> migrated the directories from the POP3 to the IMAP,
> and it works (sort of).
> Copying the directories is a hit or miss affair, it
> times out, sometimes it
> deletes the dirs from the source .pst (POP3) file as
> it should, sometimes
> not, just copies contents and leaves the dirs. But
> it's kinda workin'.
> But sometimes it times out. Or what looks like that.
> When trying to copy
> emails, sometimes I get the attached warning. And
> sometimes trying to
> send/receive mail, get the other. Looked it up, and
> this is what I learned:
> My theories are:
> Outlook is a bad client (theory of above article)
> Too complex a folder hierarchy and Outlook not happy
> with
> Bad filenames for Unix and Outlook and me in turn
> being punished
> Firewall 
> Plus it is slow. I know I have hundreds of
> directories, but I am on a pretty
> fast box at Go Daddy (they configure the box but I
> have root and manage it).
> Size of the email cluster on server is prolly ~1GB.
> I have about 4 boxes
> accessing the account right now. Would like to up
> that, but wondering which
> of these factoids present walls I might hit (# of
> users, files size,
> directory amount, and even stuff I don't know how to
> check like any config
> files on the sendmail side, or how to check
> available space on the server
> and shite like that).
> ~ Axil

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