[sf-lug] a different threat

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Jul 24 08:17:28 PDT 2007

    This one seems ominously cute to me.


    In sum, a company called NebuAd is selling a box
to ISPs that it advertises as "behavioral targeting" and
that Scott Bradner (writer of above link) complains that
it "can insert ads into the data stream the customer is
receiving back from a web sites...done without the
knowledge or permission of the customer or the web
site owner...."
    i.e. i'm surfing the web, got my pop-up blocker on
and i'm getting ads integrated into the web pages i'm
reading that (the ominous part: ) have been inserted
to fit my consumer profile. so how does the NebuAd
box get my consumer profile info?
    The writer notes that "Nebu" represents the Egyptian
hieroglyph for gold.


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