[sf-lug] mail migration pop3->IMAP

Lx Rudis lx_rudis at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 11 13:08:17 PDT 2007

hi gang.

i'm helping a friend with his small business. 
upstream they've a colo'd mail server running fedora
core 5.  downstream they are _committed_ to using MS
products, are dependent on Outlook.  as the subject
line states, i'm doing the initial research to dig
them out of their current POP3 hole, get them on IMAP
and also give them a searchable business archive so
that they can drill back into the past without going
onto specific users' machines.  ugh.

i'm mapping the local directory structures right now,
using brute force methods and agreeing to the owner's
wishes, but once i feel confident that i understand
what they've built, i'd like to move into more timely
methods and systems.  

i believe i've bought myself about 1 calendar week to
do the prep work, then ihope to create a redundant
test-system upstream, followed by the actual migration
and access to the 'new' consolidated business archive
that this migration will require.

i've already told this guy i'm willing to work 10 or
so hours weekly to help him out and also educate
myself, so there is your barometer for involvement
should you choose to participate.  dependent on your
skillset and interest, there is possibility of FT work

if anyone's got background/bandwidth, would like to
assist on volunteer/lightly paid basis with a _local_
small business that is web-based, moderately
successful and forward looking, please drop me a line.


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