[sf-lug] Poweredge 2300s

Tom Haddon tom at greenleaftech.net
Thu Jul 5 13:17:23 PDT 2007

Thanks to an extremely generous donation from Johan, I now have two Dell
Poweredge 2300s in my apartment. I'll hope to find time to prepare them
before the weekend (loading Edubuntu Server edition), but wanted to
check with people on the list (Jason especially) if anyone had any spare
RAM that might suit these machines (they currently have 512MB but can
take up to 4x512MB). 


Looks like they're after SDRAM, PC133. I think you'd mentioned you have
PC100, Jason, but not sure if you have PC133.

Thanks, Tom

Tom Haddon
mailto:tom at greenleaftech.net
m +1.415.871.4180

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