[sf-lug] Becoming a user on sf-lug.com; also, Asterisk

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at asheesh.org
Thu Jun 21 14:05:21 PDT 2007

I'm very interested in becoming a shell user on sf-lug.com, particularly 
as a place with lowish-latency in the US to keep an Asterisk setup.  (My 
personal server is in Japan, which for all its advantages has a 250ms 
round-trip time....)

What I want out of Asterisk is a phone system I feel I am in control of. 
If you dial into some US number, the call should be routed to the Asterisk 
server over the Internet; after that point, the call can be forwarded 
(admittedly at my expense) to my cell phone, my work phone, my temporary 
number in London, voice mail that has a sane interface, a program that 
reads random Wikipedia articles to the other end, or anything like that.

So (a) may I become a user on sf-lug.com, and (b) may I run an Asterisk 
service there?  As far as I know, running an Asterisk doesn't need any 
special privileges to run the service; it can run on any port, so multiple 
users can run separate Asterisk setups.  I'd be happy to give an SF-LUG 
and/or BALUG talk on what tricks I pull off with Asterisk if I do get it 
set up. (-:

I'll be making my return to San Francisco on July 8 and starting as a 
hacker at Creative Commons full-time (some of you might recall my being an 
intern there last summer).  See you all soon!

-- Asheesh.

P.S. https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-asheesh has SSH public keys of mine, 
and the username I would prefer is paulproteus.

Beware the new TTY code!

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