[sf-lug] Ubuntu project for the housing project - latest info

Michael Blanc mblanc at znet.com
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This is my thought as well -- that a survey of the situation and of the
inventory needs to be done first. Kami is pushing for as much as can be done
the first day. zzso why don't we just meet down there on Sat. afternoon and
start by looking things over.  That shouldn't take long, and needs to be
done first. The director, or coordinator for the computer room (who might a
community volunteer) will be there, and Kami. We could ascertain their level
of organization, expectations and wishes - as well as size up the
possibilities, hopefully in reasonably short order.

Then take it from there.

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>thanks, John Lowry, for that grounding message.
>Personally, I was expecting that we'd go to the site
>on saturday and scope it out. I agree with you that
>proper planning for the project is essential. So I'd
>like to see that get nailed down before an
>installation crew shows up. We could go there to
>survey the equipment, assure that working monitors
>keyboards and mouses are present and that all the
>necessary cabling is available. Maybe take one of the
>units away to be set up offsite. But before a lot of
>my time is invested, I want to know that we're doing a
>meaningful installation.
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