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Ghost 4 Linux is a good ghosting solution.

On 6/20/07, Jeff Bragg <jackofnotrades at gmail.com> wrote:
> "Personally, I think it's unrealistic to do all the testing and
> installation in one afternoon. It would be nice to install a few
> different distros, and then have the users test them and give us
> feedback - we could then come back and configure the one that seems to
> fit best a week later or so. What do people think of that idea?"
> If they knew exactly what they needed and could communicate that clearly,
> I would disagree that one day is unrealistic (with the right resources,
> e.g. a KVM switch and several copies of installation discs, and a clear
> plan I could do that many in a single day all by myself).  However, since
> neither of those seem to be the case, I agree that one day may not be
> realistic (especially if we're talking about multiple distros).
> "Also we need to
> > survey the computers to make sure they're identical,
> > otherwise ghosting is not an option, is it?"
> Ghosting is only an option if they are identical machines needing an
> identical (totally identical, not just similar) image.  It would also be
> necessary to have a valid copy of Ghost (nobody has mentioned so far that
> they do).  I've never had much luck with Ghost + Linux anyway.
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