[sf-lug] Another volunteer & next steps

bobbie sellers bliss at california.com
Tue Jun 19 09:03:29 PDT 2007

Hi Michael Blanc, on 06/19/07, you wrote:

> Kami Griffiths at CompuMentor has sent me this update on the
> status of her project. Who's got one of those Ubuntu disks to
> loan?

    I have one or more of the latest as I am willing to make
more of the disks, one of which was given to me at about two
meetings ago.

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> From: Kami Griffiths <kgriffiths at compumentor.org>
> To: Michael Blanc <mblanc at znet.com>
> Date: Monday, June 18, 2007 4:34 PM
> Subject: Another volunteer & next steps

> Michael,


> I was going through my email and realized that someone else
> from SF-LUG was interested in helping. I ve added his name to
> the bottom of this list:


> Tom Haddon, tom at greenleaftech.net

> Catherine Jones, cathjone at eskimo.com

> Cristina, cristina_errors at yahoo.com

> Ron, rondosxx at yahoo.com



> I heard back from the senior center and they aren t interested
> in the donation, but there s a housing project in the Lower
> Haight I ve been working with that has old equipment (that can
> also be converted to Linux) as well as space to store extra
> equipment. They re current PCs are 8 years old running a
> mixture of NT and Windows 2000 and super slow. They don t have
> the admin passwords anymore so there s not much we can do to
> fix them.


> I m about to send an email to Romel to work out a time to pick
> up the donation, I have a friend with a pickup truck who I hope
> is free to help transport them. Can we schedule some time to
> talk? There are several details to discuss:


> §         Getting the necessary Ubuntu/Edubuntu install disks

> §         Schedule time to test one 

> §         Scheduling the volunteers and planning that day


> This is really exciting and I appreciate your help and interest
> in helping make this a success!


> Thanks!

> Kami


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