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Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 7 20:09:53 PDT 2007

Jim Stockford has been very kind to serve as a sounding board with
regard to some of the networking things I've been trying to do and has
set me up with a user account on the sf-lug.com machine with the idea
that I could poke around and learn how things are done. It's proven
quite interesting.

What follows is in no way meant to be a criticism but just an fyi to
those in charge in case you might be willing to enhance the experience.
Perhaps not all but certainly some of the configuration files are NOT
readable. I've been setting up my own DNS server and wanted to have a
look at the named.conf file to see how it compared with my own.
Undoubtedly this is done for security reasons. Perhaps a readable
version with sensitive stuff replaced by token words could be made
available. This would take work, I realize, and would be willing to
volunteer if you are willing to trust me with the info and could
provide guidance as to what would have to be hidden.
Also, a simple thing to remedy would be to provide less and/or pager
instead of only more.

Thank you, Jim, and thanks to all others that are running this machine
and whom I don't even know.

alex kleider

alex at kleider.net

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